Ann Arnold is the author of Together: A Journey for Survival, which relates the story of her father’s family’s experiences in Poland during the Holocaust.  Together: A Journey for Survival is the story of one family’s journey through Poland’s countryside as a war of nations thundered around them. The story displays the magnificent strength of a mother’s love and the incredible courage of good people during the worst of times.

Arnold never intended to be a writer. The only footsteps she ever wanted to follow were in those of her father, Mark Schonwetter, a jeweler. Writing seemed far beyond her scope of experience, though she always loved to read and her secret desire was to be a writer.  Entering the time period where the true witnesses and victims of the Holocaust are passing away, Arnold felt that with the passing of the survivor generation we will be losing a vital source of truth as a society.  Arnold’s family’s experience during the war – the fortitude of her grandmother, Sala, and the strength of her father – is a treasured legacy. She felt blessed to be the recipient of this legacy and learn its lessons throughout her formative years.  Together: A Journey for Survival is a way of sharing this legacy with the world.

Arnold of Norwood is a certified public accountant.  She helped her father, Mark run his jewelry business until it was sold a few years ago.  Arnold is now chief financial officer for several companies she owns with her husband, Jonathan. She remains active in jewelry industry associations and is the mother of two daughters, Lexi, 15, and Ashley, 19.  Together: A Journey for Survival is her debut publication.

Mark (Manek) Schonwetter of Livingston was the founding president and CEO of the Lieberfarb jewelry company, manufacturer of bridal jewelry. Schonwetter was born in the village of Brzostek, Poland in Galicia, one of 500 Jews in a town of 1,500. By the end of World War II, only five Jews from the town had survived, three of whom were Schonwetter, his mother, and his sister. After the war, the family emigrated to Israel, then to the United States.  Schonwetter and his late wife, Luba are the parents of Ann Schonwetter Arnold and Isabella Schonwetter Fiske.