Passover 5781 Schedule

Thursday, March 25th
Morning service & Siyyum at 8:00 am – CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Fast of the first born is on Thursday
Search for chametz after 7:55 pm

Friday, March 26th
Burn Chametz by 11:58 am
Minyan at 6:15 pm – CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Saturday, March 27th
Morning Service 9:00 am – CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Eat Chametz until 10:55 am
Nullify (rid/flush) Chametz by 11:58 am
Candle Lighting 7:57 pm
First Night Seder

Sunday, March 28th
1st day of Passover
Morning Service 9:00 am – CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Candle Lighting 7:58 pm
Second Night Seder

Monday, March 29th
2nd Day of Passover
1st day of Omer
Morning Service 9:00 am – CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Havdalah 7:59 pm

Friday, April 2nd
6th Day of Passover
5th Day of Omer
Minyan 6:15 pm – CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Candle Lighting 7:04 pm

Saturday, April 3rd
7th Day of Passover
6th Day of Omer
Services at 9:00 am – CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Password, if prompted, 371058
Candle Lighting 8:05 pm

Sunday, April 4th
8th Day of Passover
7th Day of Omer
Services and Yizkor Service at 9:00 am – CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Passover Ends at 8:06 pm


*If you plan to attend services and/or a Seder away from home, light candles before leaving home or light at the Seder.




This year Passover begins on Saturday night, a relatively rare occurrence that changes some of the holiday preparations. 

  • The Fast of the First born, and the Siyyum which cancels it, occur on Thursday 
  • We search for chametz on Thursday evening after 7:55 pm but do not say the ‘Kol Chamira’ paragraph until Saturday at 11:58
  • We should be finished with removing and burning the chametz by Friday at 11:58
  • We can still have challah on Friday night and Saturday morning, but ideally, the rest of our Shabbat meals should be kosher for Passover
    • Another option is to use Egg Matza instead of Challah

The ‘Kol Chamira’ paragraph, which nullifies of any chametz we missed or forgot about should be said at 11:58 am on Saturday, and we shouldn’t eat any chametz afterward.

Passover 5781 Details

Chametz Sale 5781

This will be a different night. Sadly, our second Passover in a COVID era. While I hope the Seders will be less distant and lonely than last year, I know they will be quieter, smaller, and less jubilant than we are used to celebrating.

One of the customs that we continue to offer this year, is the selling of Chametz. Tradition teaches us that not only should we not EAT any leaven products on the Passover holiday, but also, we should not be in possession of it on Passover. The legal action of selling our Chametz enables us to not absorb large losses of food or to waste funds for the holiday.

Because the sale of Chametz (leavened materials like bread, pasta, cereal, and the like) involves many technicalities, it is customary for the clergy of the congregation to act as the agent for all who wish to sell their Chametz. It is not only forbidden to own Chametz on Passover, it is forbidden to eat Chametz that was not sold for Passover. If you own Chametz in several places (e.g. your home, summer home, and/or business), fill in all addresses. Everyone who prepares a home for Passover should arrange for the sale of their Chametz. Use this form to authorize Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner and/or Rabbi Jeremy Fineberg or Rabbi Jeremy Ruberg to sell Chametz in your possession on your behalf and submit it no later than 5:00 PM Friday, March 26th. While Passover does not begin until Saturday night, March 27, because it is Shabbat, all sales need to happen by Friday at 5:00 PM.

There is no fee for this service.

Some choose to use this holiday to donate towards Maot Hittim, the fund to feed the poor on Passover. Sadly, because of COVID and its ripple effects on our community and the communities of Israel, there are more who are hungry for Passover than ever before. 100% of the proceeds will help those affected by COVID-19 and have immediate needs for Passover. We are working tirelessly to help any and every person who needs materials for Passover, have them this year. No one should be denied the basics for a Seder and food for the holiday. If you would like to make a donation to help those in need during this crisis, you can do so below.

Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy, sweet, and kosher Passover!

Sisterhood Passover Flowers 5781 

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Please place your orders by 12:00 pm on Wednesday, March 24th.

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Passover Seder Food Order Pick-Up from NVA

Pick-up will be at Temple on THURSDAY, MARCH 25TH between 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM.