Temple Emanu-El Leadership Group
Brought to you by the Temple Sisterhood & Men’s Club
Open to ALL Temple Members

Strengthening the hand of a fellow Jew is the highest degree of Tzedaka under the 613 Mitzvot. Our hope is to help strengthen the entire Temple Emanu-El community through the events that this newly formed group will provide.

Our mission is to create a forum for all temple members to learn, mentor and grow as leaders professionally and within our community. We intend to host events that will expose all temple members to a wide range of topics, make connections within the temple community and give back through volunteer opportunities.

An important goal for us is to attract a diverse group of temple members who are in various stages of their careers to come together and share their successes and help each other thrive.

We are very interested in hearing from others who want to be more involved in helping develop other programing for our Leadership Program. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Leadership Program or have any ideas to share, please email blake.chroman@am.jll.com or mikeisrael@yahoo.com.