Rosh Hashanah
Monday, September 6th – Erev Rosh Hashanah
Services at 6:15 pm
Candle Lighting 7:01 pm

Tuesday, September 7th- 1st Day of Rosh Hashanah 
Shacharit Service at 9:00 am
Youth Program at 10:15 am (in the Sukkah)

Outdoor Family Service at Temple Emanu-El at 3:15 PM
TE Family Birthday Party for the World at 4:00 pm Ruckman Park
Tashlich at 5:30 pm at Closter Nature Center

Candle lighting at 7:59 pm

Wednesday, September 8th – 2nd Day of Rosh Hashanah
Shacharit Service at 9:00 am

Youth Program at 10:15 am (in the Sukkah)

Candle lighting at 7:58 pm

Sunday, September 12th
On Sunday, September 12th, from 10:30 AM-12:30 PM, Rabbi Kirshner and Rabbi Fineberg will be at Cedar Park Cemetery to offer prayers of memory over your loved ones’ graves. We will first be at the Temple section, then we are prepared to go anywhere in the cemetery to offer memorial prayers over the graves of your loved ones at Cedar Park/Beth El Cemetery.

Yom Kippur
Wednesday, September 15th– Kol Nidre
Services at 6:30 pm
Candle Lighting at 6:46 pm

Thursday, September 16th – Yom Kippur
Shacharit Service at 10:00 am
Youth Program 10:30 am (in the Sukkah)

Yizkor & Mincha at 5:00 pm
Fast Ends/Havdalah at 7:44 pm

High Holy Day Tickets

High Holy Day tickets have been mailed! Keep an eye out on your mailboxes!

If you have not received your tickets by August 30th, please contact the main office at 201-750-9997.

Youth & Family Services

  • We will be offering babysitting and a children’s service (outdoors in our Sukkah) led by Matty Roxx and Susan Seed, from 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM  Rosh Hashanah Days I and II and Yom Kippur 10:30 AM
  • On Tuesday, September 7th – Rosh Hashanah Day 1, Temple Emanu-El will be offering a family service at 3:15 PM on our Temple Emanu-El campus under our tent.  This service is geared for families with kids aged from cradle to Bar-Bat Mitzvah.
  • 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Tuesday, September 7th – Rosh Hashanah Day 1, we will have a “Birthday Party” for the world’s 5782 birthday to be located at Ruckman Park, (click here for directions).  
  • We will serve birthday cake and we will have balloons, games, and prizes which will be shared for all children 0-6.  Like all birthday parties, please RSVP here and join the festivities. Pets are welcome!
  • Immediately following the Birthday Party at Ruckman Park, we will make a short communal walk to Tashlich service at Closter Nature Center, (click here for directions) where we will cast our sins with bread and enjoy some holiday treats.

High Holy Days Collection

High Holy Day Flower Order

High Holy Day Flower Order 5782

Order Flowers for Your Holiday Table From Sisterhood, please place your orders by Thursday, September 2nd.

Click Here to place your order now!

Songs of the High Holy Days

Click Here to listen to the songs of the High Holy Days, a collection of your favorite High Holy Day music recorded by Cantor Israel Singer. (Once you follow the link the High Holy day music collection can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page). 

Wake Up Journey: Songs of the High Holy Days

By: Cantor Singer