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An Important Message from Rabbi Kirshner

Posted: September 03, 2015

During the course of the last year, and more intensely during the months of May and June, our congregation spent considerable time and made careful analysis of exploring ways to open doors in our Temple for the “other.” Substantive dialogue and respectful conversation was had by all who engaged, whether in the Executive meetings, Religious […]

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President Obama, Stop Treating Me Like Apple Treats My Music

Posted: September 01, 2015

By Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner Published in Haaretz, August 13, 2015 Just because I don’t support the Iran deal, that doesn’t make me a mullah, a warmonger, or a Republican. Apple is offering a new product called Apple Music. It’s a modern-day jukebox where you can listen to and download music of your liking. Its secret […]

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The Bibi Cha-Cha

Posted: March 21, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu is the winner of the most recent election in Israel. Odds are on his side to build a coalition and continue his premiership. I wish him well. But, many are still gargling to get the yucky taste out of their mouth. Every match up will have a winner and a loser, whether pitcher […]

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A Tale of Two Schools

Posted: March 11, 2015

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times….well, not really. It actually was just the worst of times, or so it seems on many college campuses today. This week, two scenes that fit the description above yet separated by thousands of miles and different cultures unfolded at two well-known schools. […]

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Safe Space

Posted: January 23, 2015

I remember playing tag when I was young. Each time I was winded or felt the person who was “it” closing in on me, I would run to the closest object and yell “base!!!” The idea was, that when touching the base, we were impervious to be tagged. It was a forcefield where nothing could […]

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